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Takashina - 80 year-old History

Company Timeline:

  • Started in 1935, Takashina Life Preserver Company has been designing and manufacturing quality life saving products to service the maritime and recreational markets. For over 80 years and three generations, innovation and quality continue to be the cornerstones of Takashina’s commitment to each product.

  • The first expansion in the North American market was in 1991 when Dorothy Takashina founded MTI, along with sons Yoshi and Simon. MTI featured new US Coast Guard approved flotation products to serve the paddle sport market.

  • Takashina USA was formed in 2008 to serve accounts that want to build upon their own brand with private label life saving devices.


Takashina USA

  • The US based office is responsible for product development and sales in North America, South America, Europe and Australia. We specialize in private label direct import manufacture of water safety products, immersion suits, dry suits, dive suits, backpacks and related accessory items. Experience in design and manufacturing regulated products of USCG, Transport Canada, CE, MED and SOLAS.


Product Capabilities

  • Foam Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s):
    •Complete variety of approved inherently buoyant (foam) personal flotation devices for children and adults

    Inflatable Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s):
    •Adult inflatable personal flotation devices

    Immersion suits and dry suits:
    •Cold weather marine gear including immersion suits and dry suits

    Rescue gear including slings, safety harness, rope bags and gear bags


Why are we qualified?

  • Products Standards & Approvals:
    •All products exceed requirements set by the regulatory agencies of the U.S. Coast Guard, Transport Canada, CE, SOLAS and MED

    Foam and Inflatable PFD’s:
    •Experienced design team in the development of innovated children and adult foam vests and inflatable devices

    Commercial and Recreational:
    •Industry knowledge and product designs to meet the needs of commercial and various recreational users

    Factories located in Hanoi, Vietnam and Shanghai, China:
    •Modern factories feature state of the art equipment for consistent quality

    Branding - Bluestorm or private label:
    •Customers choice of branding – use your own private label brand that you want to grow or our brand, Bluestorm.

Brand Statement

  • We manufacture products to protect lives of those who work and play on the water.

    We bring products to market to meet the latest US and international standards and regulations.

    The Bluestorm brand is personal protective equipment designed for safety, performance and comfort.



TEL: (320) 266-4070
Email: customerservice@takashinausa.com

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