Takashina USA Website | 高階救命器具株式会社/Takashina Life Preservers Co., Ltd.

Who are we? Takashina 80-year-old History

Company Timeline:

  • 1935 - Takashina (Osaka, Japan) founded

For over 80 years, Takashina Life Preservers Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing water safety gear & products

  • 1991 - MTI (Watertown, MA) USA founded by Dorothy Takashina and her sons, Yoshi and Simon
  • 2008 - Takashina USA (Sauk Rapids, MN) USA office established


Takashina USA

  • Responsible for sales and product development in North and South America, Australia, Europe

and Africa

  • Specialize in private label direct import manufacture of water safety products, diving suits,

dry suits, backpacks and watersports accessories

  • Familiar with manufacturing regulated products (UL / MED / SOLAS)
  • Factories located in Hanoi, Vietnam and Shanghai, China


Product Capabilities

  • Foam Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)
  • Inflatable flotation
  • Immersion suits and dry suits
  • Rescue gear including slings, safety harness, rope bags, etc. 
  • Other products... gear bags

Why are we qualified?

  • Products - Standards & Approvals: USCG / SOLAS / MED
    • Foam and Inflatable PFDs
    • Commercial and Recreational
  • Approval information (USCG / SOLAS / MED)
  • Factories located in Hanoi, Vietnam and Shanghai, China
  • Branding - Bluestorm or private label

Contact Us

Sales & Customer Service email: customerservice@takashinausa.com               

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Brand Statement:

  • We manufacture products to protect the lives of professionals who work on the water.
  • We bring products to market to meet the latest international standards and regulations.
  • We protect earth’s environment by providing Marine Engineering products and services.


Bluestorm is personal protective equipment for you, the mariner

Bluestorm equipment is designed for safety, performance and comfort

Bluestorm is a reminder to be prepared for the unexpected

Bluestorm is personal protective equipment for your life


Main Product Domain

  • Life Saving Appliance (LSA) for Ships Commercial vessel:

Life Jacket (inherently buoyant/inflatable), Life Buoy, Immersion Suit, Fire Fighter’s Outfit, Chemical Protection Suit, Oil Boom etc.

Small ships/leisure: Life Jacket (inherently buoyant/inflatable), Life Buoy, Life Float, Immersion Suit, etc.

  • Oil Boom, Silt Boom, Sand Fence
  • Ocean & River Rescue Equipment: Rescue Life Jacket, Dry Suit, Rope, etc.
  • Marine/Leisure Dry Suit & Foul-weather clothing, Dry Top, Dry pants, Dry Jacket, Dry suit etc.

                                TKU / Bluestorm: PFD’s

                                                (other drysuit, dry top/pant/jacket)

                                                (TKJ – oil/silt booms, sand fence, lifebuoy, firefighter outfit,

                                                                chemical protection, ocean/river rescue, rope